161-7147: Seal-Piston
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    161-7147: Seal-Piston

    Ersatzteilnummer: 161-7147
    Marke: Cat
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    Cat® Piston Seal (80 mm Bore)(Hydraulic Cylinder)

    A two-piece seal, consisting of a piston ring and an expander, which prevents oil transfer between the rod end of the cylinder and the cap end. The piston seal is usually made of Teflon, with nylon available for pressure greater than 3000 psi (20,670 kPa). The various shaped expanders are nitrile.

    • Nitrile rubber bonded polyurethane
    • Fits in 64.5 mm (2.539 in) diameter groove
    • Works with 80 mm (3.149 in) diameter bore

    Used in hydraulic cylinders of Cat heavy duty equipment. Consult your owner's manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

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