307-9892: Clamp-V-Band
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    307-9892: Clamp-V-Band

    Ersatzteilnummer: 307-9892
    Marke: Cat
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    Cat® V-band clamps are not your standard off the shelf clamp. We work hard to bring the highest quality. V-band clamps seal the joint through axial clamp force. V-band clamps are made up of three main components. They are, V-inserts, steel band and a heavy duty T-bolt. Cat V-band clamp materials are selected per the application. Cat® supplied V-band clamps are another great Built For It product.
    • Cat V-band clamps are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity
    • Strength & Quality – V-band clamps meet or exceed, ANSI, ASTM and DIN requirements
    • Cat V-band clamps and Turbo/exhaust work together as a system for maximum clamping quality
    • Coatings and material that meet special requirements for different applications (RoHS compliant)

    Cat V-band clamps retain and seal Turbo/exhaust applications.

    • US
    • Metrisch
    • Materialbeschreibung: 0
    cold planer
    PM620, PM622, PM312, PM313

    engine - truck
    C13 C15

    petroleum products
    TH35-C13T TH35-C15T TH35-E81

    cold planers
    PM310, PM620LRC