134-1776: Weld-on Half-Arrow
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    134-1776: Weld-on Half-Arrow

    Ersatzteilnummer: 134-1776
    Marke: Cat
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    Half Arrow Edge Protection

    Offering unparalleled manufacturing precision, Cat® weld-on half-arrows protect the lip of your bucket from damage. Our Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) are designed specifically for the DNA of your Cat iron and deliver consistent, superior protection.

    Cat weld-on half-arrows are designed to provide added protection to the bucket base edge. This added protection provides more coverage of the space between adapters, eliminating base edge wear near the adapter. Half-arrow profiles can offer an increased penetration and enhances load-ability of the bucket resulting increased productivity.

    Cast from DH-2 steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable half arrows make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools.

    • Weld-on
    • Long base edge life
    • Longer adapter life

    • Wheel loader buckets

    wheel-type loader
    906, 902, 908

    324E LN

    track-type tractor