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{imgAlt}As a global leader for over 85 years, Caterpillar provides the highly competitive belt technology and options suitable to be used on products for all industries we support.
Cat® Belts are manufactured and tested for ideal traction, speed and long service life on Cat machines to prevent slippage and alignment problems.

Type Belts

  • V-Belts (also referred to as “Vee Belts”) - Cogged
  • V-Belts - Non-Cogged
  • Serpentine Belts
  • Banded - Cogged

V-Belt Maintenance Tips

  • Check for cracked, worn, or frayed belts. On matched belt sets, always replace the complete set. If just one belt is bad, uneven load on belts, pulleys, bearings, and shafts can occur.
  • Check pulley grooves to make sure they are not worn, damaged, or aligned incorrectly. Poor belt to pulley contact will result in rapid wear and short life.
With well over 900 belts from which to choose you can be certain we have the right belt for your machine.

V-Belt Sizing Guide

  • Belt size refers to the pulley groove width (B) for belt under and equal to ½ in.
  • Belt size refers to the belt top width (A) for belts over ½ in.
Belt SizeBelt Top WidthPulley Groove Width
9.6mm (3/8 in)10.72mm (0.422 in)9.65mm (0.380 in)
12.7mm (1/2 in)13.89mm (0.547 in)12.70mm (0.500 in)
17.5mm (11/16 in)17.48mm (0.688 in)15.88 mm (0.625 in)
19.1mm (3/4 in)19.05mm (0.750 in)17.53mm (0.690 in)
22.2mm (7/8 in)21.51mm (0.847 in)19.94mm (0.785 in)
23.8mm (15/16 in)23.83mm (0.938 in)22.30mm (0.878 in)
27.0mm (1 1/16 in)26.97mm (1.062 in)25.48mm (1.003 in)
31.8mm (1 1/4 in)32.94mm (1.297 in)31.83mm (1.253 in)

SAE effective length for COG and NON-COG belts equals:

  • Outer circumference minus 9.65mm (0.38 in) for 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch belt sizes.
  • Outer circumference minus 14.48mm (0.57 in) for 11/16 inch and larger belt sizes.