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133-5673: Fuel Water Separator
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    133-5673: Fuel Water Separator

    Part Number: 133-5673
    Brand: Cat
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    Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separator

    Cat® Standard Efficiency Fuel Water Separators are designed to eliminate 100% free water and 90% emulsified water, along with smaller contaminates, while also helping extend the life of your fuel filter and fuel injectors.

    Designed and built specifically for Cat equipment, our fuel water separators extend the life of your secondary filter and precision fuel system components.

    Choosing genuine Cat filters is the best choice for protecting your Cat equipment.

    • Designed by Caterpillar to be an integrated component of your critical fuel system
    • Only available from Caterpillar
    • No one knows Cat Fuel Systems better than Caterpillar
    • Cat Filters perform better than will-fitters - see the test results

    • US
    • Metric
    • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency
    3304B, 3306B

    cold planers

    7 to 9 liter
    3126B, C9, C-9

    wheel tractor scrapers
    631D, 637DPP, 657E, 637G, 651E, 657EPP, 637D, 633D, 627G, 631G, 639D, 623G, 621G, 633E

    10 to 13 liter
    C-12, C13, C-10, C11, 3196, 3176C, C12, 3176B


    motor graders
    160HNA, 140HNA, 163H, 16H, 14H, 143H

    track excavators
    365BIIL, 385BL, 345BL, 330CLN, 365BL, 345BII, 345BIIL, 5090B, 345BIIMH, 365BMH, 365B, 330C, 330CL, 385B, 345BMH, 365BLU, 345B

    track type tractors
    D6GIILGP, D9L, D6G, D10R, D10N, D9N

    articulated trucks
    740, 735, 730EJ, D350EII, 725, 730, D400EII, 740EJ

    large mining products
    5110BMH, 5110BL, 5110BME

    underground articulated trucks
    AD30, AD55, AE40II, AD40II

    vees 27 to 32 liter
    C32, 3412C, C27, 3408E, 3412E, 3412

    underground mining loaders
    R1700G, R1300G, R2900G, R1300GII, R1600G, R2900, R1600, R1300

    15 to 18 liter
    C18, 3406E, C-15, C-16, 3456, C15, 3406C, C-18, C15 CKD

    ag tractors
    95E, 85E, 75E, 85D, 65E, 75D

    petroleum products

    off highway trucks
    773DLRC, 772B, 775E, 773ELRC, 771D, 773B, 773D, 773E, 769D, 775D, 775B

    wheel loaders
    988G, 990, 988H, 988F

    wheel dozers
    834G, 844, 834B, 854G


    wheel excavators