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337-1943: Rectangular Seal
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    337-1943: Rectangular Seal

    Part Number: 337-1943
    Brand: Cat
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    Rectangular Seal

    Rectangular Seals are circular seals with a rectangular cross-section to prevent leakage and contamination. The edges may or may not be rounded according to the application needs.

    Cat® seals are made from materials that are matched to the fluids, temperatures and pressures found in Cat® engines and machines. The materials resist wear and extrusion, and provide superior resistance to seal compression set.

    Dimensions of our seals are consistently held to tight tolerances to ensure they fit properly into seal grooves with the necessary seal compression.

    Cat® sealing system uses a robust design, testing, and validation process. Buy the latest Genuine Cat® seal to protect your investment.

    Rectangular seals are used in a wide variety of sealing applications throughout Cat® machines and engines.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Axial Thickness (mm): 4
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 11
    • Radial Thickness (mm): 5
    underground mining loaders

    wheel tractor scrapers
    621KOEMLRC, 631KLRC, 623K, 621HOEM, 637KLRC, 637K, 623H, 627KLRC, 627H, 623KLRC, 627K, 621K, 621KOEM, 621H, 621KLRC, 631K, 631KOEM, 631KOEMLRC

    off highway trucks
    769D, 773GOEM, 793C, 777G, 777D, 776D, 775F, 777GOEMLRC, 789DXQ, 772GOEMLRC, 795FXQ, 772GOEM, 793FAC, 793D, 784B, 785DOEM, 785D, 775GOEM, 771D, 793B, MT5300DAC, 772GLRC, 770GOEM, 789C, 793F, 775E, 777GLRC, 770G, 770GOEMLRC, 770, 797F, 773DLRC, MT4400DAC, 776C, 775GLRC, 785C, 793FOEM, 770GLRC, 797B, 773G, 775GOEMLRC, 785B, 777GOEM, 777DLRC, 773D, 773F, 773GLRC, 784C, 789D, 795FAC, 772, 797FXQ, 772G, 793FXQ, 775G, 789B, 797, 773FOEM, 775FOEM, 775D, 793FCMD, 773ELRC, 773E, 777FOEM, 777C, 777F, 777DHAA, 794AC, 777E2 773E2LRC, 785G, 777E

    motor graders
    24M, 24H

    underground articulated trucks
    AD55, AD60