6M-9155: PIN
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    6M-9155: PIN

    Part Number: 6M-9155
    Brand: Cat
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    Solid Dowel Pin

    Dowel Pin is a solid headless straight pins with a closely controlled diameter used to transmit load or to position adjacent parts by being press fitted in one or both parts.
    Cat® Fastener & Hardware parts are designed for specific applications based on size, strength, clamp load, and past performance. This is information other manufacturers do not have. They are selected to last until rebuild or the life of the machine. While it may seem as though non-Cat hardware and fasteners are suitable for your machine, no other company knows your equipment like we do.

    • Cat fasteners & hardware are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity
    • Strength & Quality – Parts meet or exceed ISO, ASTM, ASME & SAE requirements
    • Coatings that meet special requirements for different applications (RoHS compliant)

    • You can trust Cat Fasteners & Hardware to help you build it, maintain it, or fix it - for most machine and workshop applications throughout the world

    defense and federal products
    DEUCE, 30/30

    underground mining loaders
    R2900G, R3000H, R1700G, R1700K

    wheel tractor scrapers
    623K, 627K, 631KLRC, 627H, 621H, 637KLRC, 631K, 621KOEM, 621K, 637K, 621HOEM, 623KLRC, 627KLRC, 621KOEMLRC, 623H, 621KLRC, 631KOEMLRC, 631KOEM

    off highway trucks
    770GOEMLRC, 785C, 784B, 785D, 794AC, 777G, 777D, 772, 784C, 785, 773ELRC, 789C, 777DHAA, 793F, 769D, MT5300DAC, 789B, 770, 793B, 793FOEM, 773DLRC, 777GOEM, 777GLRC, 773G, 775GLRC, 776C, 795FXQ, 793C, 795FAC, 777B, 770G, 773GLRC, 793FAC, 777C, 777DLRC, 772GOEM, 773F, 777GOEMLRC, MT4400DAC, 771D, 773E, 772GLRC, 776D, 773D, 775F, 797F, 775GOEMLRC, 777F, 772G, 789DXQ, 793FCMD, 797, 775G, 775GOEM, 776B, 785DOEM, 775E, 793FXQ, 770GLRC, 773FOEM, 789D, 775FOEM, 785B, 773GOEM, 772GOEMLRC, 770GOEM, 777FOEM, 797FXQ, 793D, 797B, 775D, 777E2, 773E2LRC, 785G, 793, 777E

    wheel loaders
    980M, 980H, 992KLRC, 938H, 990, 990KLRC, 982M, 992G, 980G, 990K, 986H, 980K, 980KOEM, 988KLRC, 992C, 988G, 988K, 980GII, 988H, 992K, 988F, 992D, IT38H, 990H, 980F, 980L, 992B, 980FII, 980C, 986K

    wheel dozers
    834H, 844KLRC, 834KLRC, 854G, 824K, 834G, 854K, 844H, 844, 824GII, 844K, 834B, 854KLRC, 824H, 824G, 834K

    motor graders
    24M, 24H

    825GII, 825K, 836K, 836G, 826K, 825G, 826H, 836KLRC, 836H, 825H, 826G, 826GII, 836

    articulated trucks
    740OEM, 735B, 740EJ, 740BEJ, 735, 740B, 740, D350EII, D400EII, 735OEM, D400D, D40D

    underground articulated trucks
    AD30, AD45B