094-4628: Key
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    094-4628: Key

    Part Number: 094-4628
    Brand: Cat
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    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Cat® Keys are used to create a no slip system that transmits torque between a shaft and its mating rotational component. Engineered for strength and universal functionality, Cat Keys are supplied in three basic shapes, square, rectangle and half round (Woodruff). We work closely with our Cat® certified suppliers to bring the highest quality Key’s not only to our production floor but also to our dedicated service network. Cat Keys are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, and productivity. You can count on this Built For It product to help you get more done.
    • Keys meet or exceed, ANSI, ASTM and DIN requirements
    • RoHS compliant
    • Used on shafts and works together as a system for maximum rotational torque.
    • Used on pulley hubs and power transmission systems.
    • A universal product for all machine and workshop applications throughout the world.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Material Description: Steel
    • Notes: Key Diameter : 22, Key Width: 7, Key Height : 0, Height Across Flat: 0
    305C CR 303C CR 304D CR 305D CR 303.5D 304C CR 305.5D 303.5C

    320D, 320D L 320C, 321D LCR 318B, 314D LCR 320D LRR 320D LN 315D L 313D, 318C, 312D L 319D L 312D, 323D L 314C 311C 315C, 319C 320C L 323D LN 320D FM 312C, 320C FM 320D RR 321C 320D GC 323D S 311D LRR 312C L 323D, 319D 317B L 320D FM RR 318B N 318D L 319D LN 320B L 320B, 317B LN 314D CR 323D SA

    D3G, D5G, D3C III D5C III D4G, D4C III

    3044C, C3.4


    262C 289C2, 279C2, 236B3, 287B, 287C2, 277C 268B, 242B3, 262B, 252B, 259B3, 279C 256C 257B3, 236B, 287C 272C 248B, 262C2, 277C2, 297C 289C 246C 252B3, 299C 267B, 277B, 246B

    939, 933C, 933, 939C

    track excavators

    904H, 906H 904B, 908, 908H 907H 906