095-0891: PIN-SPRING
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    095-0891: PIN-SPRING

    Part Number: 095-0891
    Brand: Cat
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    Coiled spring pin


    Coiled spring pin is made by coiling thin material into a cylindrical shape. The pin is installed into a slightly smaller hole and is retained by the spring action of the coils. The coils allow for radial movement after installation and will absorb shock and vibration. The pin is well suited for installation into wide tolerance and mismatched holes.
    Cat® Fastener & Hardware parts are designed for specific applications based on size, strength, clamp load, and past performance. This is information other manufacturers do not have. They are selected to last until rebuild or the life of the machine. While it may seem as though non-Cat hardware and fasteners are suitable for your machine, no other company knows your equipment like we do.

    • Cat fasteners & hardware are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity
    • Strength & Quality – Fasteners meet or exceed ISO, ASTM, ASME & SAE requirements
    • Coatings that meet special requirements for different applications (RoHS compliant)

    • You can trust Cat Fasteners & Hardware to help you build it, maintain it, or fix it - for most machine and workshop applications throughout the world

    • US
    • Metric
    • Material Description: steel spring pin
    • Notes: Pin Diameter: 8, OAL: 36, Roll Pin End Type 1: Chamfer, Roll Pin End Type 2: Chamfer
    • Pin Type: Spring Pins/Roll Pins
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