0R-9952: Rocker Arm Assembly
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    0R-9952: Rocker Arm Assembly

    Part Number: 0R-9952
    Brand: Cat
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    Remanufactured Rocker Arm Assembly


    • Rocker arms are operated by pushrods from the camshaft and move valves, opening and closing them to allow fuel and air in and exhaust out of the combustion chamber


    • Cat® Reman parts provide same-as-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs—while reducing the impact on the environment

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Consider an Upgrade

    Genuine Cat® parts are constructed of top-quality materials, built to original specifications and rigorously tested, ensuring better reliability, durability and life.
    Brand: Cat
    Rocker Arm Assembly
    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (in): 2.6
    • Length (in): 6.1
    RT100 RT80


    wheel tractor-scraper
    613C, 613C II

    paving compactor
    CS-583D, CS-573D, CS-531, CS-533C, CP-563, CP-533, CB-634, CS-531D, CS-563D CS-563 CS-531C, CS-583, CP-533C, CS-533D, CB-434, CS-563C CP-563D, CB-634D, CB-634C, CP-563C, CP-533D, CS-583C, CS-573C, CS-573, CS-533

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    3116, 3114

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    135H, 120H, 120H ES 120H NA 135H NA

    forest products
    570, 543, TK380, TK381, 539, 580, 550, TK370, 533, TK371, 574

    wheel-type loader
    924F, 938G, 962G, 928G, 910E, 960F, 950G, 928F, 938F, 950F II 910F, 950F, 918F

    wheel-type skidder
    525B, 535B

    engine - industrial
    3116, 3114, 3126

    articulated dump truck
    D20D, D250D

    engine - truck
    3116, 3114

    35, 55, 45

    asphalt paver
    BG-260C, BG-245C, AP-1050B, AP-1055B, BG-240C, AP-900B, AP-1000B, BG-2455C, AP-1050, AP-1000

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT28G, IT28F, IT14F, IT38F, IT24F, IT12B, IT62G, IT14B, IT38G, IT18F

    track-type tractor
    D6M D5M

    wheeled excavator
    M318, M320, M325B

    engine - machine
    3116, 3114, 3126

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    953B, 953C, 963C, 963B

    325-A L 325-A 322 L 320 L 322C FM 320-A L 325B LN E120B, 325 L 320B, E240C, 325B L 322B L 322C, 322 LN 320B S 322N, 322-A L 325-A LN 320B L 214B FT 320-A 320-A S 325-A FM L 214B, 320-A N 320B N EL240C