101-3374: GEAR CAM
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    101-3374: GEAR CAM

    Part Number: 101-3374
    Brand: Cat
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    Camshaft Gear


    • Gears are important components of camshafts, which are cylinders that align with engine cylinders. The lobes of camshafts correspond to engine valves. As camshafts rotate, they open and close engine intake and exhaust valves.


    • Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse

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    Brand: Cat
    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (in): 2.4
    • Length (in): 12.7
    cold planers
    PM-565B, PR-450C, PR-1000

    wheel tractor scrapers
    637DPP, 631EII, 657EPP, 657E, 633E, 651E, 631D, 631G, 637E, 637G, 633D, 637D, 639D

    TH48, CX35


    track type tractors
    D10T, D10T2, D11T, D10N, D11TCD, D9R, D9L, D10T2LRC, D11R, D9RLRC, D11RCD, D10R, D8L, D9N, D8LSA


    underground articulated trucks
    AD60, AD55B

    large mining products
    6015B, 6040FS, 5110BMH, 6040, 5110BME, 6020B, 5110BL, 6030


    vees 27 to 32 liter
    3412C, C32, 3412E, G3408C, C27, 3412, G3408B, 3408B, 3408C, G3408, G3412, 3412D, C30


    off highway trucks
    775GLRC, 777D, 775G, 777C, 773D, 777FOEM, 769D, 775GOEMLRC, 773GLRC, 777G, 771D, 773E, 775B, 777GOEM, 773B, 769C, 775F, 773ELRC, 777F, 773GOEM, 773F, 773DLRC, 773G, 771C, 775E, 777GOEMLRC, 777B, 775GOEM, 775FOEM, 773FOEM, 777DLRC, 775D, 772B, 777GLRC, 777E2, 773E2LRC

    wheel loaders
    990, 992K, 990KLRC, 992D, 992C, 990K, 988B, 992KLRC, 993KLRC, 990H, 993K, 988F

    wheel dozers
    854KLRC, 844H, 844, 844KLRC, 854K, 844K, 834B