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    10R-9789: ALTERNATOR G

    Part Number: 10R-9789
    Brand: Cat
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    Remanufactured 24 Volt 95 Amps Heavy Duty Alternator

    Alternators supply electrical power to operate electrical attachments and/or accessories. Cat® Alternators are divided into two categories: brush type and brushless.


    • Built-in electronic voltage
    • regulators
    • High-efficiency cooling system
    • Brushless design alternators feature tighter air gap tolerances and superior sealing for longer life in dusty, dirty environments.

    Cat Reman parts provide same-as-new performance and reliability at fraction-of-new costs — while reducing the impact on the environment.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • US
    • Metric
    • Brush/Brushless: Brushless, Brushless
    • Marine Approved: No, No
    • Mount Type: SAE J180, SAE J180, SAE J180
    • Number of Poles: 12, 12
    • Rated Output (amps): 95, 95
    • Voltage (volts): 24
    587R, PL83, 572R II 583T, 587T, PL87

    underground articulated truck
    AD45B, AD55, AD30

    motor grader
    12H ES 160H NA 140K, 12K, 163H NA 120K, 140H ES 143H, 160K, 120K 2 140H NA 120H ES 16H NA 14H NA 160H ES 140K 2

    forest products
    541, TK752, 1390, TK722, 2290, 2390, 2590, TK741, TK711, 1190, 1290T, 551, TK751, 521, 522B, 2491, 1190T, 552 2 TK732, TK721, 552, 521B, 1090, 532, 2391, 541 2 511, 522

    wheel-type loader
    930G, 924H, 924G, 930H, 980H, 924GZ, 928H, 980G II 988H, 994D, 988G, 928HZ, 994, 924HZ, 928G

    engine - industrial
    C13, C15, C-9, C27, C18, C9, C7, G3616, G3606B C11, C32, G3612, 3126B, G3608

    expanded mining products

    engine - truck
    3116, 3126, 3126E

    off-highway truck
    789C, 793D, 793C, 772, 776C, 777C, 785B, 785C, 770

    load, haul, dump
    R1300G, R1600G, R1700G, R2900G, R3000H, R1600H

    cold planer
    PM-200, PM-201

    integrated toolcarrier

    track-type tractor
    D6T, D8R II D7R II D6R III D6R II D11R, D11N, D10N, D7R LGP D9T, D8T, D8R D10R, D10T, D7R XR D7R

    road reclaimer

    wheel dozer
    824H, 834G, 834H

    petroleum products
    TH48-E70 CX31-C15I CX31-C9I TH35-E81 TH31-E61 CX31-P600 CX35-P800 TH35-C15I TH31-C9I TH35-C11I

    track-type loader

    5130, 5130B, 5230B

    earthmoving compactor
    825H, 836H