114-1399: PIPE
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    114-1399: PIPE

    Part Number: 114-1399
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Steel Pipe Assembly

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Steel Pipes are rigid pipes that convey fluid or air.

    Cat® Hydraulic Steel Pipes are manufactured to provide longer service life and reliability under tough service conditions.

    Recommended Application:
    Hydraulic Steel Pipes are used in applications where line flexibility is not required.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 26.67
    • Length (mm): 424.18
    • Width (mm): 26.67
    329D2 L 349D2 L 329D L 340D2 L 349D2, 330C, 329E, 330D L 558 320D2 GC 320D, 345C MH 330D2 316E L 349D L 336D L 345C, 330F, 336FMHPU 349D, 315D L 324D L 336E L 345D L 336F L 320D L 336D2 L 330B L 324D LN 325D L 323D2 L 320E L 323, 325D, 340F, 329E LN 330D FM 336D2 GC 320E, 325C FM 345B II 320D2, 326D2 L 320D2 L 319D L 352F, 330C L 345B L 323F SA 320E LN 318D L 349E L 330D MH 320C, 336D2, 318C, 320B L 320D FM 330D, 326D L 323D L 330C FM 336 324E L 324D, 323F 323D, 326F, 336F L XE M325D L MH 345C L 320D LN 324E LN 320C L 336 GC 323F OEM 336E, 319D LN 320D2 FM 336E LH 320F L 336F, 326D2, 325D FM 322B LN 352F OEM 322C FM 325C, 326F L 329E L 336D, 568 FM 323D2 330F L 325D MH 352FMHPU 322C, 345B, 320B S 349E, 538 325B L 330F OEM 320, 323E L 349F L 345D, 352F-VG M325D MH 324E, 568 FM LL 336D LN 336D2 XE 330D LN 320B, 323D S 336D2 L XE 322B L 325C L 325B LN 345D L VG 330F LN 320D GC 323F L 329D LN 336E LN 330C MH 330D2 L 324D FM 340D L 319C 336F LN 320B N 324D FM LL 330FMHPU 319D 323D LN 323E LN 336F XE 323E SA 336F LN XE 349F LXE 352F XE VG 329D, 323D SA 323F LN 336F LNXE 336E LNH 336E HVG 330C LN 320C FM 329F L 340F L UHD 326F LN 325D FM LL 330B LN 336E H 349F, 349E L VG 320 GC 349E L HVG 345B II MH 336D2 LXE 340F L LRE 329D2

    forestry excavators
    324DFMGF, 345CFMST, 324DFMLGP, 538GF

    W330B M325C MH M325B W345C MH M330D W345B II

    1290T, 1190, TK721, 345C, 322C, TK711, TK732, 558 TK722, 548 1190T

    M325D L MH M325D MH

    track excavators
    330BL, 330CLN, 336D2LOEM, 336-07, 336DL, 319DL, 324EL, 320C, 330D2L, 325BL, 324D, 319DLN, 325CL, 345DLVG, 320DL, 325DL, 320DLN, 336FLN, 322BL, 329DLOEM, 320D, 316EL, 345CLVG, 320D2, 345DL, 329D2, 329D, 352FXEVG, 320BLN, 320EL, 349FL, 330DLOEM, 325DLOEM, 325DLN, 326D2L, 325CCR, 323DS, 330CL, 320BL, 319CLN, 330FLNOEM, 345BIIL, 330FL, 349D2, 324DL, 349D2L, 349D2OEM, 320D2L, 330D2LOEM, 323DL, 336ELH, 320B, 325BLN, 320FL, 330DL, 322CL, 325B, 323FLN, 330FLN, 336D2L, 336D2, 320-07, 320-07GC, 315DL, 336DOEM, 340D2L, 323FOEM, 336-07GC, 326FLN, 336D2GC, 352FLRE, 352FVG