115-3696: Idler G
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    115-3696: Idler G

    Part Number: 115-3696
    Brand: Cat
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    Idler (Front, Symmetric)

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.


    • Idlers guide the track in and out of the track rollers. They intermittently support the machine's weight and provide a way to control track slack and tension.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Size (mm): 14
    • Diameter (mm): 74.9
    • Flange Diameter (mm): 580
    • Height (mm): 74.9
    • Length (mm): 74.9
    • Shaft Diameter (mm): 74.9
    • Tread Diameter (mm): 540
    • Undercarriage Width (mm): 74.9
    329E L 329E LN 329D L 330F, 325D L 325C, 323D SA 329D LN 330D, 325C FM 324D FM 323E L 323D LN 329D2 L 330D2 L 325C L 325D, 320C, 325B L 330D2 329F L 322C, 320B, 329E, 329D, 330FMHPU 320B L 322C FM 325B LN 336F, 336E, 330F L 320B S 336D L 330D L 323F SA 325D FM 324D FM LL 323E SA 323D S 329D2, 325D FM LL 322B L 345D, 336D LN 352FMHPU 330F LN 323E LN 320B N 330C, 330F OEM

    TK711, 1090, 511, 2290, 322C

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