116-3389: Press-In Wiper Seal
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    116-3389: Press-In Wiper Seal

    Part Number: 116-3389
    Brand: Cat
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    Seal Shape: Type A - Single Lip Wiper

    Prevents external contaminants from entering the system. Single-lip (the lip is the projecting rim or edge of the seal) wipers clean the rod as it retracts. Double-lip wipers clean the rod as it retracts and seals oil, eliminating weeping (cosmetic leakage). The double-lip wipers are secured in place with a bearing amount. These urethane wipers are metal-encased for added strength. They are often referred to as canned wipers (metal-encased) or J wipers (the metal often forms a J shape when viewed in the cross-section).

    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (in): 2.76
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 70.00
    • Material: URE
    • Outside Diameter - B (in): 0.33
    • Outside Diameter - B (mm): 8.35
    • Seal Shape: Type A - Single Lip Wiper
    • Width - A (+/- 0.02inch) (in): 3.31
    • Width - A (+/- 0.508 mm) (mm): 84.02
    wheeled excavator

    317 N 317B LN 311B, 317B L 311-A 315B L