116-7408: Pin
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    116-7408: Pin

    Part Number: 116-7408
    Brand: Cat
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    J400 Heavy Duty Pin

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    The J400 heavy duty pin is chamfered on both ends and is grooved. Recommended for J400 retention systems, this pin can be installed from either side of the tip.

    • Fits J400 heavy duty retainer assemblies

    • US
    • Metric
    • Diameter (in): 0.87
    • Length (in): 4.65
    326D2, 336F L XE 320C, 325C, 336E L 320D2 L 330D L 336D2 L 329D2 L 325B L 329D2, 336D2, 329E, 325B LN 323D L 322B LN 326F LN 320D L 330C L 330D2 L 345B II 322C, 325D L 324D L 326D L 330D, 330C, 329D, 320D, 330B L 320 GC 329D L 329E LN 323, 320B L 320, 324D, 330F, 320D2, 326D2 L 336F LNXE 320C FM 336F, 336F L 330D2 326F, 323D2 L 329F L 312E L 325D, 329E L 324E L 330 L 320D2 GC 320B, 326F L 320B S 322B L 336F XE 336E LH 330C LN 336E, 336E H 325C L 324E LN 336E LN 336F LN XE 330F L 336D2 GC 320B N 330B LN 324E, 320D GC

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