125-0914: Bumper
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    125-0914: Bumper



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    Isolation mounts are used to attach and position systems, accommodate displacement, and isolate components from the surrounding structure (vibration, shock, noise).

    Sandwich mounts feature integrated fasteners on both ends for easy installation (two threaded studs, two threaded holes, or one stud and one hole).

    Cat® Mounting Systems are designed to reduce stress and strain on mounted components to increase their durability and performance life, and to contribute to operator comfort. The entire system (mount design, material selection, placement, hardware, etc.) is optimized and validated to meet specific application requirements.

    Sandwich Mounts are an economical option that perform well in light-duty applications. They offer excellent radial isolation and can accommodate high radial displacement.

    Sandwich Mounts are used widely in lighter duty applications like electronics, but are also used in high displacement applications like compactor drums.

    • Mount Type: Sandwich - One Stud, One Hole
    • Hole Thread Pitch: 1.5
    • Overall Length (mm): 47
    • Hole Thread Size (mm): M10
    • Outside Diameter (mm): 50
    • Rubber Length (mm): 30
    • Rubber Length (in): 1.18
    • Outside Diameter (in): 1.97
    • Stud Thread Pitch: 1.5
    • Stud Thread Size (mm): M10