138-0006: RETAINER
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    138-0006: RETAINER

    Part Number: 138-0006
    Brand: Cat
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    MAWPS 10-40 Series Retainer Plug

    Our patented compression retainer plug provides secure wear plate retention for the Mechanically Attached Wear Plate System (MAWPS). These plugs are positioned deep in the plate, eliminating interference to provide the most amount of wear material possible.

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    • Notes: MAWPS 10-40 series plus skeleton
    underground mining loaders
    R1300G, R1700G, R1600H, R2900G, R3000H, R1700K

    off highway trucks
    793F, 785D, 775G, 793D

    wheel loaders
    982M, 988K, 972K, 966MXE, 993K, 986H, 962K, 990K, 988H, 980G, 992K, 950K, 938K 980H, 992G, 966K, 966M, 966KXE, 988G, 972M, 962M, 980K, 924K 992KLRC, 972MXE, 990KLRC, 930K 950M, 988KLRC, 980GII, 990H, 990, 993KLRC, 994H, 986K, 980M, 972H

    track excavators
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