140-2377: U-Cup Rod Seal
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    140-2377: U-Cup Rod Seal

    Part Number: 140-2377
    Brand: Cat
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    Seal Shape: Type A

    Designed to replace Chevron Packing which Caterpillar no longer uses. These assemblies combine U-Cup Rod Seals with spacers to fill the original Chevron Packing grooves. Both U-Cup Seal Assemblies and Chevron Packing meet the same functional sealing specifications.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 34.93
    • Material: URE
    • Outside Diameter - B (+ 0.002inch, -0.000inch) (mm): 45.05
    • Seal Shape: Type A
    • Width - A (+ 0.015inch, -0.000inch) (mm): 11.00
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