140-9597: BEARING-SLEE
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    140-9597: BEARING-SLEE

    Part Number: 140-9597
    Brand: Cat
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    Idler Gear Bushing


    • Bushings are important components of idler gears, which can change the direction of rotation of the output shaft or can assist to reduce the size of the input or output gears while maintaining the spacing of the shafts


    • Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, and less environmental impact.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 60.96
    • Length (mm): 99.06
    • Width (mm): 99.06
    3512CHD, G3516B, 3516CHD, 3516BHD, 3516, 3508B, 3516B, 3512B, 3516E, G3520C, 3516C, 3512C, G3512, G3508, G3520B, G3516, 3512, G3516H, G3516C, 3512BHD, G3512H, G3532, 3512E, 3508C, G3520E, G3520H, 3508, G3524, XQC1600, PM3516, SPF743, G3520

    TH48, CX48

    off highway trucks
    777D, 777DLRC, 785D, MT4400DAC, 797, 784C, 785C, 797B, 789C, 785, 789DXQ, 793C, 793B, 785B, 789B, 777, 793D, 776D, 777DHAA, 777C, 789, 789D, 777B, 785DOEM, 776C, 793, 776B, 785G, 784B

    wheel loaders
    994, 992G, 994F, 994KLRC, 994H

    wheel dozers

    track type tractors
    D11R, D11N, D11RCD

    rotary blasthole drills

    large mining products
    5230, 5230B, 5130