148-2144: HEAD GP-CYL
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    148-2144: HEAD GP-CYL

    Part Number: 148-2144
    Brand: Cat
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    Cylinder Head Assembly


    • Cylinder heads sit on top of the cylinder block, closing in the top of the cylinder and forming the combustion chamber

    Cat® cylinder heads are:

    • Fully machined to Caterpillar's rigid design tolerances and standards. Ensures no leaks, due to a perfect fit of all cylinder head components and mating surfaces. This provides maximum reliability and longevity.
    • Clean. Casting processes can leave behind core sand deep inside cylinder heads which later serve as harmful contamination to the engine or prevent proper cooling during operation.
    • Work with standard & oversize guides and/or valve inserts: The availability of multiple sizes of guides and inserts provides maximum cylinder head reuse and repair.
    • Designed for remanufacture. The costly head casting's bottom deck can be machined to clean up minor damage and still be reused for an additional life.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 215.9
    • Length (mm): 1104.9
    • Width (mm): 444.5
    underground mining loaders
    R1600, R1600G, R1700G

    10 to 13 liter
    C-10, C-12