148-4633: GEAR-PLANET
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    148-4633: GEAR-PLANET

    Part Number: 148-4633
    Brand: Cat
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    Planet Gear

    Gear for use in planetary gear sets of final drives. The quantity will vary by component.

    Cat® final drive gears are engineered to maximize system performance and balanced system life. Cat final drive gears have the metallurgy, heat treatment, tooth profile and surface finishing that maximize the life of the mating gears and ensure that the final drives are maintaining optimal performance.

    Recommended Application:
    All Applications

    • US
    • Metric
    • Diameter (mm): 109
    • Width (mm): 51
    320C, 320D2, 321C 323D L 320E LRR 320D FM 320D RR 320D, 321D LCR 319D LN 320D2 L 318E L 323F SA 320E L 320D GC 320D LRR 323D LN 320D L 323D2 L 320D LN 323D, 320D2 GC 323E L 320E, 320C FM 323F L 323D SA 319C 318C, 320C L 323D S 320D FM RR 319D L 319D 320D2 FM 323E SA 323E LN 320E RR 320E LN