158-9065: RING
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    158-9065: RING

    Part Number: 158-9065
    Brand: Cat
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    Backup Rings prevent seal extrusion in high pressure applications, and may be used to protect the life of overall sealing system from pressure surges.

    Cat® Backup Rings are designed in conjunction with the elastomeric seal and mating components, and contribute significantly to the life and performance of the sealing system in high pressure applications.

    Backup ring dimensions are consistently held to tight tolerances to ensure they properly bridge the seal groove and the mating surface. Materials are selected for their pressure and abrasion resistance.

    Backup rings may be solid or split. Split rings are used for ease of assembly.

    Cat Sealing systems protect more expensive parts from leaks and contamination. Protect your investment with Genuine Cat Seals.

    Backup rings are used in high pressure static and dynamic sealing applications, such as hydraulic pumps, valves and engine systems.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Cross Section Height (mm): 3.5
    • Cross Section Width (mm): 20.3
    • Inside Diameter (mm): 132.9
    • Material: Nylon Plastic
    • Material Description: Nylon Plastic provides good resistance to fuels, oils and lubricants. Many different formulations are used, some of which can support high mechanical loads, and perform well at elevated temperatures.
    • Notes: Dimensions and Material Descriptions provided for reference only. Color may differ from image.
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