159-0927: DISC-FRICTIO
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    159-0927: DISC-FRICTIO

    Part Number: 159-0927
    Brand: Cat
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    Paper Friction Disc

    A paper friction disc provides medium heat resistance, medium wear resistance, and medium energy absorption.

    Cat® friction materials are engineered to provide the optimal function for the components in which they operate.

    Recommended Application:
    All Applications

    motor graders
    160HNA, 163H, 12M, 120M2, 160M2, 140K, 140K2, 140HNA, 12K, 120M, 12H, 12M3, 160H, 120M2AWD, 140M, 160MAWD, 140M3AWD, 12HNA, 140MAWD, 143H, 140M2AWD, 120HNA, 12M2AWD, 12M2, 120MAWD, 12M3AWD, 160M3AWD, 135H, 160M3, 120K2, 140M2, 120K, 135HNA, 160M2AWD, 140M3, 160K, 140H, 120H, 160M, 14LAWD, 120M2OEM