164-1154: SERVICE KIT
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    164-1154: SERVICE KIT

    Part Number: 164-1154
    Brand: Cat
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    Governor Service Kit


    • This kit includes cable clamps and screws to repair a governor


    • Our kits are designed for convenience - prepackaged, ordered with a single part number and delivered in a single box, saving you time and money

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 0.25
    • Length (mm): 114.3
    • Width (mm): 101.6
    416D, 428F, 416E 420D, 434E, 422F2 442D, 430E 420F 430D, 424D, 428F2, 420E 432E, 422E, 444F2, 432D, 432F2, 432F, 416F2 446D, 444F, 420F2 428D, 426 F2 438D, 434F, 414E, 428E, 416F 434F2, 430F 444E, 424B, 442E, 422F, 430F2

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