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168-8772: Speaker Assembly
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    168-8772: Speaker Assembly

    Part Number: 168-8772
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Speaker Assembly (Coaxial)

    High quality accessories, installation kits, adaptors, and converters for Cat machine radios. Cat speakers deliver high quality sound and are durable for the rugged use in heavy-duty equipment.

    • Four mounting slots, equally spaced on diameter 140 mm (5.5 in) bolt circle
    • Blade terminals

    Cat speakers are used in the operator station of heavy-duty equipment. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat dealer for more information.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Diameter (mm): 118
    • Frequency (Hz): 75 to 20K
    • Height (mm): 59
    • Impedance (Ohms): 4
    • Length (mm): 133.4
    • Mounting: Recessed opening
    • Notes: Speaker cover 101-3055 required
    • Power (watts): 60
    • Size (mm): 133
    • Width (mm): 133.4
    307E2 305.5E2 308E2 CR 305E2 305E2 CR 303.5E2 305.5E2 CR 304E2 CR 304E2 304.5E2 303.5E2 CR

    RM-500, RM500B, RM-300

    826K, 815K, 816K, 825K, 836K


    2384C, 574B, 2484C, 579C, 559C, 564, 554

    IT28G, IT62G II IT14G, IT38G II IT38H, IT38G, IT14G2

    287D 262D 246D 287C 246C 272C 262C 277C2, 289D 279D 299D 249D 299D2 XHP 299D2 277D 289C 259D 226D 239D 272D 232D 272D2 289C2, 297C 272D XHP 256C 287C2, 299D XHP 277C 279C 257D 236D 242D 262C2, 297D2 297D2 XHP 299C 272D2 XHP 297D XHP 279C2, 297D

    836K, 825K

    track type tractors
    D7E, D8T, D7ELGP, D5R2XL

    MD6310, MD6250

    CS-76 CP-74 CP-64 CS-74 CS-44 CP-44 CP-76 CW-34 CS-56 CS-64 CP-56 CW34

    928G, 966M XE 962G II 990K, 924H, 986K, 972M, 962M, 924K 972K, 950M, 930K 982M, 980H, 914G2, 950H, 914G, 928HZ, 980M, 930H, 992K, 972L, 966L, 950G II 924G, 972H, 938G II 924GZ, 962H, 980K HLG 926M 966M, 938K 980L, 972M XE 924HZ, 966G II 993K, 97AM 972G II 950M Z 950 GC 980G II 966H, 962K, 938H, 988K, 980K, 938G, 966K, 986H, 962L, 994K, 994H, 950L, 930M 950K, 988 XE 930G, 988K XE 962 962M Z 966K XE 938M

    rotary blasthole drills

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    wheel loaders
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    wheel dozers
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