169-4089: EDGE-CUTTING
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    169-4089: EDGE-CUTTING

    Part Number: 169-4089
    Brand: Cat
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    Not Serrated Flat Cutting Edge

    A flat edge is best suited for developing (pioneering) a road or performing heavy maintenance (removing holes). A better penetrating option is a flat serrated edge. A flat edge has limited ability to carry material forward. A better option for carrying material is a curved edge.

    Where impact and abrasion are low, the thinner edge provides the most economical service. Thicker edges provide added strength and wear material for abrasive or high impact applications.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Machine: Motor Grader
    • Material: 0, Through Hardened (DH2)
    • Serration: Not Serrated
    • Thickness (mm): 19.05
    • Width (mm): 203.2
    motor graders
    120MAWD, 140M3AWD, 14LAWD, 140M2AWD, 140M3, 160M3, 120K, 140M, 140M2, 12M2AWD, 160M, 12M3AWD, 12M3, 160M3AWD, 12K, 12M, 120K2, 160M2AWD, 160K, 140MAWD, 120M, 120M2AWD, 160MAWD, 160M2, 140K, 12M2, 120M2, 140K2