169-5535: GEAR-SUN
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    169-5535: GEAR-SUN

    Part Number: 169-5535
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Spur Gear

    A spur gear is the most common type of gear and consists of a cylinder or disk with teeth projected straight outward. A spur gear also generally looks the same from either side, since the teeth are straight from one side to the other.

    Cat gears are machined from carefully selected materials to exacting specifications that match the loads encountered in Cat machines. They are manufactured using special, and in some cases proprietary, heat treat processes — including case carburizing, nitriding, and induction hardening. Cat gears have the industry's highest power density, or the amount of power a gear can transmit relative to its size and are designed with reusability in mind. Consequently, they are more durable and keep your overall machine operating costs down.

    Recommended Application:
    Cat gears are built specific to their application to ensure all drive train parts work and wear together as a system.

    345B II 345D L 345C L 349E, 349F L 349D, 349D2 L 349D L 345D L VG 349E L HVG 349E L VG 345C, 345B, 349E L 349D2, 345D, 345C MH 352F-VG 345B L 345B II MH 352F, 330D FM 352F XE VG 349F LXE 568 FM 568 FM LL

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