169-9049: Hose Assembly
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    169-9049: Hose Assembly

    Part Number: 169-9049
    Brand: Cat
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    Medium to High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Assembly

    Channels petroleum or water-based hydraulic fluids, water-glycol and water-oil fire resistant hydraulic fluids, hot oil, grease, lubricants, crude and fuel oils, air and water.

    Constructed with an oil resistant synthetic rubber inner tube, two plies of special braided high tensile steel wire reinforcement separated by a synthetic rubber layer and an oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber outer cover. These features provide long life and excellent dependability.

    Recommended Application:
    Medium to High pressure service applications with repetitive flexing, cyclic impulse pressure surges, and vibration stresses.

    345B II

    430D, 416D, 420D

    MP20, S320B, P315 G325B, VRG-30/2 CWAC-40 VT30 VHS-40 MP318, G320, VHC-50 VT40 VRG-25/2 G313 GC MP40, G310B, G320B, VHS-60/4 CAGAC-40 VT60 P325 VHS-50 CTV40 G315B, VHS-70/4 MP30, S305, S320, S385B, VHS-30/3 VHS-60 VRG-40/2 VHS-10 VHS-50/3 VRG40 G315, G310 GC MP15, VHS-40/3 S385C, S390, VRG30 S325B, VT50 VHS-60/3 VRG-20/2 S340B, VHC-40 S365C, SKPAC-40 S340, S365, S325, MP324, VHS-30 G315 GC VHC-30 G330, S365B, VHS-70 VHS-70/3 P335 VRG50 P360

    924H, 924G, 924GZ, 924HZ