172-7209: Solenoid
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    172-7209: Solenoid


    Cat® Solenoid

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    Cat solenoids are round coil of wire that's been insulated and used to create a magnetic field in the atmosphere of this current. Cat solenoids are a specially engineered electromagnet in which a coil of wire is wrapped around a specially shaped core made of steel or iron. It is an integral component in all sizes of motors.

    OEM direct replacement part

    Cat solenoids are used in engine arrangements. Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.

    • Overall Width (mm): 40.64
    • Width (mm): 66.04
    • Height (in): 2.1
    • Height (mm): 53.34
    • Length (mm): 106.68
    • Overall Length (mm): 53.34
    • Overall Height (mm): 93.98
    • Overall Width (in): 1.6
    • Overall Length (in): 2.1
    • Overall Height (in): 3.7
    • Length (in): 4.2