174-4874: Final Drive Medium Diameter Duo-cone™ Seal
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    174-4874: Final Drive Medium Diameter Duo-cone™ Seal

    Part Number: 174-4874
    Brand: Cat
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    Final Drive Medium Diameter Duo-cone™ Seal

    Duo-cone™ seals are used in dirty extreme, abrasive, or corrosive applications where heavy contamination exclusion is needed to protect internal components. A Duo-cone™ is a metal to metal facing seal. A Duo-cone™ seal uses a metal to metal seal at the static and rotating interface, permitting the use of oil for internal lubrication. The metal seal rings float between elastomeric load members that also provide static sealing between the housings and metal seal rings.

    Cat® Duo-cone™ Seals are made of various materials including rubber and metal specialized metals and elastomeric load rings to match application requirements. The seals are corrosion resistant while capable of sealing out mud, abrasives, liquid, and other contaminants. Final Drive Duo-cone™ Seals maintain an oil-tight seal during rotation in intense applications where misalignment may occur. From the seal ring geometry to part assembly, all the aspects of the sealing system are engineered to work together, resist wear and provide reliable performance.

    Protect your investment with Genuine Cat®Seals.

    All applications
    Duo-cone™ are used in heavy duty applications including final drive and undercarriage.

    log loaders forestry
    320DFMLLB, 320D2FMLL

    7 to 9 liter

    forestry excavators

    track excavators
    320D2GC, 320DL, 320D, 323DL, 320D2, 323EL, 323D, 321DLCR, 320DLN, 320FL, 318DL, 315CL, 318D2L, 318FL, 320ELRR, 318EL, 316FL, 315C, 320E, 320D2L, 320DGC, 323FL, 323D2L, 320DLRR, 320EL, 325FLCR, 319DL, 320ERR, 320DRR, 319DLN, 316EL, 313D2LGP, 320ELN, 323FLN, 320ELOEM, 323DLN, 315DL, 323ELN, 320-01GC, 320GC, 323-07, 323, 320-07, 320