176-4472: Hose Assembly
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    176-4472: Hose Assembly

    Part Number: 176-4472
    Brand: Cat
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    Pilot Hose Assembly

    Channels petroleum, water based or synthetic hydraulic fluids.

    Constructed with a rubber inner tube resistant to hydraulic fluids, suitable wire reinforcement and a specialized outer cover resistant to weather. Features a small outside diameter (OD) especially suited for tight routing in hydraulic pilot systems. These features provide easier installation, long life and excellent dependability.

    Recommended Application:
    Intended for medium pressure service applications.

    325C FM 320D FM 336F L 325C, 324E L 322C, 320D, 320E, 320C, 329E L M325D MH 320E L 330F, 322C FM 330C L 320D GC 330D L 330C, 320D LN 320D L 318E L 314D CR 323F 330C FM 330C MH 323F SA 323F L 336F LN 323D L 323E SA 320C L 325F 336D L 314E CR 316E L 323F OEM M325D L MH 314D LCR 330F LN 323D, 320E LN 326F LN 323D LN 336FMHPU 323F LN 336F, 324E LN 336E L 320C FM 314E LCR 326F L 340F, 330C LN 335F 325F LCR 312D, 330F L 314F CR 326F, 329E, 329F L 323E L 320F L 325C L 335F LCR 330F OEM 336D, 329E LN 340F L LRE 323E LN

    M325C MH

    548 558 322C

    M325D MH M325D L MH