179-1292: SEAL GP-DUO
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    179-1292: SEAL GP-DUO

    Part Number: 179-1292
    Brand: Cat
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    Duo-Cone™ Seal Group


    • Duo-cone™ seals are metal facing seals used in idlers and rollers to prevent oil loss and dirt entry.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Diameter (mm): 86.4, 86.4, 47.6
    • Undercarriage Width (mm): 34.3
    cold planers

    track type tractors

    track excavators
    352FOEM, 336D2L, 340FUHD, 336FL, 336F, 336FLN, 330FL, 340F, 336D2LOEM, 336FLXE, 336DL, 336ELNH, 329DL, 336DOEM, 330CL, 320CS, 340D2LOEM, 336D2, 330BLN, 336FLNXE, 330DMH, 325DL, 329D, 330DL, 329EL, 336E, 336DLOEM, 330BL, 330CMH, 330L, 336DLN, 325B, 329DLN, 330C, 336ELH, 330COEM, 336DHVGOEM, 330DLOEM, 330D2L, 325CL, 329D2L, 336EL, 330CLN, 349DOEM, 328DLCR, 336D, 336ELN, 336D2GC, 345CLVGOEM, 336D2LXE, 329ELN, 345DOEM, 325C, 312D, 329DLOEM, 329E, 335FLCR, 336EH, 320BS, 323DSA, 329FL, 325DMH, 336FOEM, 323DS, 336D2XE, 325D, 330DLN, 325DLN, 336EHVGOEM, 336EOEM, 330, 325BLN, 323ESA, 329D2, 330D, 325BL, 325DLOEM, 325CCR, 325CMH, 325CLN, 330FLN, 336FLH, 349D2OEM, 336FXE, 330FLNOEM, 330D2LOEM, 330FOEM