183-2823: PUMP AS-F PR
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    183-2823: PUMP AS-F PR

    Part Number: 183-2823
    Brand: Cat
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    Fuel Priming Pump


    • Fuel priming pumps remove air from fuel systems prior to starting engines


    • Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 40.64
    • Length (mm): 248.92
    • Width (mm): 81.28
    cold planers
    PM-201, PM-200

    7 to 9 liter

    3516BHD, 3512CHD, 3516B, 3512BHD, 3512B, 3512C, 3512, 3508B, 3516, 3508

    wheel tractor scrapers
    651E, 637G, 633E, 657E, 631EII, 631G

    TH48, CX48

    10 to 13 liter
    C13, C11

    track loaders
    963C, 953C, 963D, 973D, 953D, 963CLGP, 973CLGP, 973C, 963BLGP, 973

    motor graders
    135H, 120HNA, 120H, 135HNA

    track excavators
    336DL, 345C, 345CMH, 320DL, 330DLOEM, 336DOEM, 365CLFS, 330CL, 385CLVGOEM, 330C, 325DL, 336DLN, 325C, 329DLOEM, 322CL, 322BL, 345CLVGOEM, 324DLN, 345CLVG, 365CL, 323DL, 336D, 385BL, 325DLOEM, 390DL, 320D, 385C, 345CL, 325BL, 325DLN, 330DL, 325D, 322C, 328DLCR, 385CL, 385B, 330DLN, 324DL, 325CL, 390D, 330DMH, 330D, 5090B, 324D, 320BL, 325B, 325CCR, 336DHVGOEM, 329DL, 336DLOEM, 322CLN, 320BS, 345DOEM, 385CFS, 329D, 345CLWVG, 330COEM, 325CLN, 365CLOEM, 320B, 322BLN, 329DLN, 320BLN, 325COEM, 385COEM, 320DGC, 330CLN, 326DL, 324DLNOEM, 340DL, 365CMH, 385CLMH, 345CVGOEM, 325BLN, 320BN

    track type tractors
    D6MLGP, D6MXL, D11R, D5MXL, D5MLGP, D11RCD, D11N, D9N

    826H, 836H

    large mining products
    5230, 5230B, 5130

    underground articulated trucks
    AD30, AD55, AD45B

    vees 27 to 32 liter

    589, 561M

    underground mining loaders
    R1600G, R1700G, R3000H, R2900G

    15 to 18 liter
    C18, C15, 3456

    forestry excavators
    322CFMHW, 345CFMST, 322CFMST

    527CA, 527GR

    off highway trucks
    777, 797, 776D, 785C, 776C, 793C, 785, 784C, 777D, 785B, 777DHAA, 777C, 777DLRC, 789B, 789C, 777B

    wheel loaders
    994, 992G, 990

    wheel dozers
    844, 834H, 854G

    wheel excavators
    M325DMH, M325BMH, M325DLMH, W345CMH, M325CMH, M330DMH