1D-4612: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate and Oil Coated
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    1D-4612: Hex Head Bolts, Phosphate and Oil Coated

    Part Number: 1D-4612
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat bolts and matching hardened washers and nuts form a matched system which produces consistently high clamp loads

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Type: Hex Head Bolts
    • Finish: Phosphate and Oil Coated
    • Grip Length - 2 (in): 2.25
    • Head Height - 4 (in): 0.58
    • Head Width - 5 (in): 1.13
    • Thread: Coarse Thread UNC
    • Thread Size (in - TPI) (in): 3/4 - 10
    • Total Bolt Length - 3 (in): 4
    engineer support tractor

    earthmoving compactor
    816B 826B 815B 825B 816

    SR4 SR4B

    wheel-type loader
    966E 988B 988 950 992 966D 992B

    engine - generator set
    G3516 3516 3608 3512 3512B 3512C 3508 3508B 3516B G3512 G3520C 3508C C32

    petroleum products
    3516B 3516C 3512C C175-16

    wheel-type skidder
    528 518 FB518

    off-highway truck
    789D 773E 768B 773D 793 773G OEM 785D 773B 775E 773 775B 793D 775D 785C 777 769 784B 793B 793C 769B 775F 773G LRC 775G OEM 785B 775G 772 773F 770 773G 785 793F CMD 789C 793F 789 784C 793F XQ 776 793F OEM 789B 775G LRC

    engine - industrial
    3508 3512 3516 G3616 G3512 G3612 3512B 3512C D342 G3516 SR4

    track-type loader
    931B 963 931 973 977K 941 977L 983 977D 931C 977H 935C 983B 941B 951 935B 955K 977A

    articulated dump truck
    D400E D400E II D350D D25C D35C D25D D300B D350E D250B D350E II D30D D400 D40D D30C D300E D35HP D400D D350C D300D

    motor grader
    16 160H NA 12H ES 160H 14H 120 135H NA 135H 12H 140 120H 140M 120B 120G 12H NA 163H 120H ES 140H NA 140H ES 16H 14G 143H 140H 160H ES 140K 120H NA 160K 163H NA 12E 160M

    forest products

    paving compactor
    CP-433B CS-563 CP-563 CS-433B CP-323 CS-583 CS-431B CS-323

    wheel dozer
    824B 834 824 814B

    underground articulated truck
    AD55 AE40 AE40 II AD60 AD40 AD55B AD45B AD45

    225 245B 225B 229 225D 235

    571G 572G 594

    marine products
    3616 3612 3512B D343 3516B 3608 3618 3512C

    wheel tractor-scraper
    623F 637 621G 657E 633 623E 651B 627B 627F 621 627 637E 623B 621E 615C 621B 613 613G 631C 615 621F 631B 627E 613C 651E 657B 641B 637G 627G 637D 613B 633C 630B 623G 633B 613C II 623

    track-type tractor
    D4 D6H 7U D4D D7G 56 D4E 3 6A 6 7A D7H 57H D8K 4A 6SU D6C 6S 11U D9R D5B 59N 7SU D5 141 D9G 8S 58L D6D D3 140 7S 9C D8L 11SU 58 5S 7 D8N 9S 143 8 4 8U D11N 11 4S D4E SR D7F 50 8A 9U D9N 8B 9R D6H XR 9 59L 53 9SU 56H 5A 9A 8SU

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