1D-4635: CAP SCREW
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    1D-4635: CAP SCREW

    Part Number: 1D-4635
    Brand: Cat
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    Track Bolt


    • Track bolts are used to connect the track shoes to the link assembly.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Size (in): 1
    • Bolt Type: Hex Head Bolts
    • Finish: Phosphate and Oil Coated
    • Grip Length - 2 (in): 0.50
    • Head Height - 4 (in): 0.71
    • Head Width - 5 (in): 1.50
    • Thread: Coarse Thread UNC
    • Thread Size (in - TPI) (in): 1 - 8
    • Total Bolt Length - 3 (in): 2 1/2
    D398B, D399

    wheel tractor scrapers
    666B, 660B, 666

    engine - generator set
    SR 807, SR 804

    engine - industrial
    SR 689, SR 685, SR 448, SR 806, SR 447

    track loaders
    973, 963LGP, 963

    motor graders

    track type tractors
    D3B, D6DLGP, D9H, D7GLGP, D9L, D6CLGP, D3BLGP, D10N, D8L

    track excavators
    330CL, 326D2L, 320DGC, 320CLU, 324DL, 320D2, 336EL, 320DL, 320D, 324D, 336ELH, 326FLN, 329D2, 326FL, 329FL, 320CL, 336FL, 324EL, 329DL, 323D2L, 320EL, 336D, 336D2GC, 329D, 330DL, 336FXE, 330D2L, 336F, 320D2L, 336D2L, 235C, 325L, 325, 320BL, 235B, 336FLXE, 320C, 235, 227FB, 245, 245D, 321BLCR, 320BLU, 320BN, E240C, E240B, 235D, E240BL, 245BII, 320B, 320-01GC, 320, 323-07, 320GC, 320-07, 330C, 325DL, 330D, 330FL, 320DRR, 322C, 324ELN, 336D2, 321DLCR, 336DL, 322CL, 326D2, 320DLRR, 323DL, 325D, 330BL, 325CL, 320ELRR, 322BL, 320CU, 336E, 329EL, 325BL, 336FLN, 336FLH, 323FL, 335FLCR, 336D2XE, 329ELN, 329D2L, 320E, 320D2GC, 320CLRR, 340DL, 336D2LXE, 324E, 336ELN, 320FL, 336EH, 326DL, 340D2L, 329E


    vees 27 to 32 liter
    G3412, D379B, 3412C, 3408A

    underground mining loaders
    R3000H, R2900G

    15 to 18 liter

    off highway trucks
    785B, 771D, 772, 769B, 769D, 773ELRC, 776C, 777C, 775D, 773E, 784B, 773DLRC, 789B, 775E, 773D