225-5495: VALVE-INLET
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    225-5495: VALVE-INLET

    Part Number: 225-5495
    Brand: Cat
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    Inlet Valve


    • Inlet valves open and close to allow fuel-air mixture to flow into cylinders


    • Cat® parts are manufactured to precise specifications and are built for durability, reliability, productivity, less environmental impact, and reuse.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (mm): 53.34
    • Length (mm): 205.74
    • Width (mm): 53.34
    TH340B, TH330B, TH350B, TH355B, TH215, TH580B, TH360B, TH220B, TH210, TH560B, TH460B

    asphalt pavers
    BG-230D, AP-300, AP-800D

    engine - generator set

    pneumatic tired compactors
    PS-360C, PF-300C, PS-150C, PS-300C

    track excavators
    313D2LGP, 320D2GC, 312D2L, 313D2, 315CL, 318D2L, 312D2, 312D2GC

    vibratory single drum smooth
    CS-533E, CS-423E, CS-433E, CS-323C

    vibratory single drum pad
    CP-533E, CP-433E, CP-323C

    vibratory double drum asphalt
    CB-534D, CB-434D, CB-534DXW, CD54, CB-564D

    backhoe loaders
    432E, 444F2LRC, 428E, 434E, 428D, 420FST, 428F, 430FST, 422F2STLRC, 420EST, 416EST, 422F, 420EIT, 420D, 444E, 442D, 416F2STLRC, 442E, 432F, 444F, 428F2LRC, 432F2LRC, 432D, 416FST, 430F2ITLRC, 422E, 420F2STLRC, 434F2LRC, 424D, 430EST, 430EIT, 420FIT, 430F2STLRC, 416D, 434F, 420F2ITLRC, 430FIT

    industrial loaders

    wheel loaders
    IT14G, 914G

    C4.4, 3054C, C3.3, 3054E, ONDP4N4E, ONDP4N4D

    wheel excavators
    M315C, M313C