247-4665: EAME-MTO TR
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    247-4665: EAME-MTO TR

    Part Number: 247-4665
    Brand: Cat
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    Grease Lubricated Track Group (Double Grouser, Trapezoidal)


    • Track groups are formed when the track shoes and hardware bolt the shoes to the link assembly.


    • Grease Lubricated Track features internally greased pins and bushings to eliminate contact and friction, each track joint sealed to retain the grease. This improves internal wear life by 25% over sealed track, decreases undercarriage noise and reduces the potential of frozen or seized joints.
    • Double grouser track shoes have less penetration and traction than single grouser shoes, but better turning ability. Double grouser shoes are standard on track-type loaders and excavators because less turning resistance and greater maneuverability are needed.
    • Trapezoidal track shoes have a trapezoidal hole cut between the bolts to provide a place to relieve extrudable type packing material.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Bolt Size (in): 0.9448
    • Number of Track Sections: 52
    • Shoe Type: Double Grouser, Trapezoidal
    • Shoe Width (in): 23.6
    • Track Pitch (in): 8.5
    345C, 345C L