290-8160: Hid Bulb
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    290-8160: Hid Bulb

    Part Number: 290-8160
    Brand: Cat
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    12-24-Volt 35-Watt HID Bulb

    Cat® HID (high intensity gas discharge) work lights offer twice the brightness of halogen lights without the sensitivity to vibration and shock, making them a durable option for harsh work environments. With exceptional light output, your crews can work safely and efficiently, even in dark conditions. HID bulbs have a lifespan of six to eight times longer than a halogen lamp while producing double the power and light of traditional halogen bulbs. Get more light longer with less hassle.

    • 12-24V
    • 35W

    • High-vibration applications

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Mercury and mercury compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    • US
    • Metric
    • Bulb Type: D1S
    • Height (in): 1.96, Glass
    • Length (in): 1.72, Base
    • Light Type: HID
    • Material Description: Plastic and Glass
    • Power (watts): 35
    • Voltage (volts): 12/24
    • Wattage (watts): 35
    • Width (in): 1.72, Base
    asphalt pavers

    wheel tractor-scraper
    621H, 627H, 627K LRC 623H, 623K, 627K, 621K OEM 621K, 657G, 613G, 623K LRC

    underground articulated truck
    AD60, AD55B

    track feller bunchers
    2491, 522

    forest products
    521, 584HD, 511, 584, 2290, 522B, 521B, 2391, 532, 541 2 2390, 552 2

    track excavators
    316EL, 323FL, 318FL, 349DL

    track type tractors
    D9T, D10T2, D11T, D11TCD

    off-highway truck
    795F AC 793F XQ 773E, 772G OEM 793F AC 775G LRC 785D, 773G OEM MT4400D AC 777F, 795F XQ 797F, 773G LRC 794 AC 777G, 770G, 770G OEM 775F, 772G, 777E, 793F OEM 793F CMD 789D, 773G, 773F, 775G OEM 775G

    articulated trucks

    underground articulated trucks

    underground mining loaders

    load, haul, dump

    track-type tractor
    D9T, D7E LGP D7E, D10T2, D11T, D8T, D10T

    vibratory double drum asphalt
    CB10, CB16, CB54B

    wheel tractor scrapers

    paving compactor
    CB-534D, CB-64B CB13, CB-68B CB-44B CB-54B CW-34 CB8, CB-564D, CB7, CB-64 CB16, CB15, CD-44B CB46B, CD8, CD-54B CB-66B CD10, CD-54 CB-54 CB10, CW34, CB-434D

    pneumatic tired compactors
    CW34LRC, CW34

    motor grader
    14M, 24M, 120M, 160M, 12M, 140M, 140M 2 16M, 160M 2

    wheel-type loader
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    836K, 836KLRC

    motor graders
    120M, 140M, 140M2AWD, 140MAWD

    articulated dump truck
    745C, 735B, 730C2, 730C, 740C 725C, 740B, 730C2 EJ 735C, 725C2

    asphalt paver
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    integrated toolcarrier
    IT62H, IT38H

    wheel dozer
    844K, 824H, 854K, 834K, 854G, 844, 834H, 814F II

    off highway trucks
    772G, 793D, 793F, 777G, 770G, 770GLRC, 772GOEM, 777FOEM, 772GLRC, MT5300DAC, 770GOEM, 793FCMD

    320D FM 336F L XE 336F L 336E L 349D L 390F L 374F 320D2 FM 326F L 320E RR 320E, 349F L 390D, 320D FM RR 314E CR 345D L 324E LN 324E, 374F L 349D2 L 312E L 316E L 349E L 320E LRR 329E, 374D L 329E LN 336F LNXE 320E L 324E L 314E LCR 312F, 349D, 320E LN 320D, 336E LH 336F LN 330F L 329F L 349E L VG 329E L 390D L 336E, 313F 316F L 352F-VG 349D2, 349F LXE 326F LN 336F LN XE 336F XE 349F, 318F L 313F L 352F, 330F LN 345D L VG 345D, 390F 323E SA 349E, 318E L 336E LNH 323E LN 312E, 336E LN 335F LCR 323F L 330F, 336F, 323E L

    wheel loaders
    966M, 980H, 950K, 950M, 972M, 980K, 988G, 924K 982M, 980M, 930K 962K, 990H, 993K, 992K, 994H, 938H, 962M, 990KLRC, 992KLRC, 966MXE, 988KLRC, 993KLRC

    wheel dozers
    834K, 854K, 844H, 854KLRC, 844KLRC

    earthmoving compactor
    836H, 815F II 816F II 826H, 825H, 836K