293-6264: CYL GP-BASIC
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    293-6264: CYL GP-BASIC

    Part Number: 293-6264
    Brand: Cat
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    Complete Hydraulic Cylinder Arrangement with Tube and Rod Assemblies

    Complete Cat® hydraulic cylinder arrangements actuate numerous machine components ranging from steering controls to refined movement of blades, buckets or other attachments.

    Complete Cat hydraulic cylinder arrangements consist of tube and rod assemblies that are ready for installation on a machine. Cat cylinders are manufactured with thick tube walls that enable more service lives. This feature, when combined with exclusive Cat Oversize Seals, can extend cylinder life in many applications.

    Recommended Application:
    Complete Cat hydraulic cylinder arrangements are designed for specific machine applications.

    skid steer loaders
    262C 226B3, 262B, 242DLRC, 242D 262, 216B3, 246D 246B, 216B3LRC, 226B2, 262C2, 252B3, 256C 252, 226B, 232B2, 216B2, 232, 272D2 236DLRC, 246C 252B2, 242B3, 272C 248B, 226B3LRC, 268B, 242, 236D 236B3, 236B2, 272D2XHP, 246DLRC, 262D 262DLRC

    wheel loaders
    904B, 904H

    multi terrain loaders
    299DXHP, 257B3, 299D2XHP, 297C 297DXHP, 257DLRC, 297D 279C2, 287C2, 247B2, 299D2 257, 277C 299D 277, 289C2, 259DLRC, 257D 247, 297D2 259D 267, 259B3, 287C 267B, 247B3, 277B, 257B2, 297D2XHP, 247B3LRC, 279C 287B, 289C 299C 277C2, 287, 277DLRC, 279DLRC, 287DLRC, 289D 289DLRC, 279D 277D 287D