296-6250: Drive Gp-Swing
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    296-6250: Drive Gp-Swing

    Part Number: 296-6250
    Brand: Cat
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    Large Excavator Swing Drive


    The Swing drive rotates the top of the Excavator on the chassis.

    Heavy Duty Swing Drives are designed to be rebuilt and reused.

    Recommended Application:
    All Applications

    349E L 345C L 345C, 345C MH 345D L 345D, 349D L 352F-VG 349E L VG 349F L 349D, 345D L VG 352F XE VG 568 FM LL 349E L HVG 330D FM 349E, 349D2, 352F, 349D2 L 568 FM