2S-3440: Clamp
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    2S-3440: Clamp

    Part Number: 2S-3440
    Brand: Cat
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    Standard Clamp

    Cat® clamps are a device designed to securely hold two parts together tightly.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Clamp Width (in): 0.5
    • Inner Liner: No
    • Marine Usage: No
    • Material: 1E1541A
    • Maximum Effective Diameter (in): 1.5
    • Minimum Effective Diameter (in): 0.94
    • Thumb Screw Adjustment: No
    TH407C, TH337C, TH406C, TH336C, TH580B, TH330B, RTC60 TH560B, TH514C, TH215, TH210, TH103, TH417C, TH63, TH220B, TH360B, RT50, TH340B, TH414C, TH460B, RT60, TH355B, RT50SA, TH82, TH62, TH350B, TH83

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    594, PL72, PL61

    underground articulated truck
    AD30, AD22

    engine - generator set
    C3.4B, XQC1600, C1.1DE9.5 3456, 3150, 3208, 3114, C15, C27, XQC1200 3412C, 3056, C32, 3116, G3406, C18, 3145, C1.1, 3160

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    forest products
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    C6.6, 3046

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    track-type skidder
    54H 125C 517 4P D4HTSK III D4HTSK II 120C

    7 to 9 liter

    paving compactor
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    motor grader
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    engine - industrial
    3160, 3306, 3208, 3204, C4.4, 3114, 3116, 3126, 3054B, G3406, 3056E, C7.1, G3612, G3616, 3054, 3456, 3406E, C18, G399, C3.4, G3606, G3606B G379 C15, 3056, G379A, G398 C6.6, PR20B 3054E, G3608, C-15, C-16

    motor graders

    articulated dump truck
    D250D, D20D

    engine - truck
    3208, C15, 3126, 1145, 1150, 1140 1693, 1160, 3306C, 1676 C13, 1674

    35, 85E, 55, 65E, 45, 95E, 75E

    skid steer loader
    246C, 232B, 297D2, 279C2, 226B, 247, 247B, 299D2 XHP 272D XHP 247B3, 277B, 287C, 216B3, 216, 262C2, 267, 257, 248, 299D XHP 252B, 256C, 242B, 259B3, 236B, 272D2 XHP 297C, 272C, 287, 257B3, 277C, 262C, 226, 268B, 297D XHP 299D2, 279C, 267B, 216B, 289C, 246, 248B, 232, 289C2, 257B, 277, 252, 228, 262, 242, 236B3, 277C2, 226B3, 246B, 299D, 272D, 299C, 297D2 XHP 272D2, 297D, 287B, 262B, 236, 252B3, 242B3, 287C2

    material handler

    asphalt paver
    WE-851B, AP655F, BG1055E, BB-760, AP-555E AP-800B AP-1200, AP655F L BG-225B, AP-1000E AP-800, AP-1055F AP-500E, AP-1055E AP-655C, AP600F, BG555E, AP500F, BG-2255C, AP555F, BG-210B, WE-601B, AP-600, BG-230, AP-1000F AP-800C, BG1000E

    integrated toolcarrier
    IT18, IT28B, IT18B, IT14G, IT28G, IT28, IT12, IT38H


    wheeled excavator
    M315, M320, M318, M313C, M322D, M318C MH M318C, M312, W330B M315C, M318D MH M322C, M316C, M322D MH M315D, M318D, M313D, M316D, M325B

    wheel dozer
    844H, 844K, 824H, 854K, 834G, 824K, 834H, 814K, 824C, 854G, 814F, 814F II 8A4K 834K, 824G II 844, 814B

    345B L 323D L 365B, 5090B, 315D L 319D L 320-A 312B, 325 L 325-A L 312D, 330C FM 320B, 365B II 330-A LN 225D, 235, 225, 320D L 312D L 320D LRR 245B, 322B L 314D LCR 316E L 320-A N 312B L 322-A L 320C, 345B II 5080, 320D FM 5110B 235C, 315-A L 320-A L 313D, 311F LRR 215, 320B N 325-A 320D, 317-A 320B LL 315B FM L 311D LRR 322-A 320B L 323D S 320C FM 330B LN 225B, 330 LN 213 330-A L 212, 315C, 330-A 319D LN 231D, 318B N 325C L 325B L 319C 323D, 312C, 320 L 330C L 385B, 314D CR 219D, 365B L 375-A L 318C, 320N, 330 L 312C L 224, 350-A 325C, 375-A 345B, 330B L 307, 315B, 314C 319D 311B, 312-A 320D GC 311C 325C FM 315B L 325 LN 245, 321B, 215B, 330B, 318B

    earthmoving compactor
    826K, 816K, 825C, 825H, 815K, 836K, 826G II 825K, 826C, 816B, 826H, 836H, 816F II 815F II 836G, 816F, 815F, 825G II 815B