324-3740: Lamp Assembly
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    324-3740: Lamp Assembly

    Part Number: 324-3740
    Brand: Cat
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    70 mm Round HID Flood Shock-Resistant Bright Work Lights

    Cat® HID (high intensity gas discharge) work lights offer twice the brightness of halogen lights without the sensitivity to vibration and shock, making them a durable option for harsh work environments. With exceptional light output, your crews can work safely and efficiently, even in dark conditions. HID bulbs have a lifespan of six to eight times longer than a halogen lamp while producing double the power and light of traditional halogen bulbs. Get more light longer with less hassle.
    • Flood lens pattern
    • Suspended mounting
    • 24V
    • Integral DT connector
    • High-vibration applications

    • US
    • Metric
    • Ballast Part Number: 319-7384
    • Connector Type: Integral DT
    • Lens Pattern: Flood Beam
    • Light Type: HID Work Lights
    • Mounting Type: Suspended
    • Voltage (volts): 24
    wheel loaders
    972M, 938M, 966M, 950M, 938K, 982M, 930M, 972MXE, 962M, 924K, 930K, 926M, 980M, 966MXE

    track excavators
    349EL, 313FL, 329EL, 374FL, 320EL, 336E, 349FL, 390FL, 326FL, 336FLH, 326FLN, 320ELRR, 324ELN, 324E, 330FLN, 349ELVG, 336FL, 318EL, 352FVG, 336EL, 336ELNH, 312EL, 320ELN, 323ELN, 324EL, 336ELN, 312F, 336ELH, 329ELN, 316FL, 336FLN, 349E, 323EL, 336FLNXE, 312E, 316EL, 349FLXE, 329FL, 318FL, 336FLXE, 330FL, 329E, 323FL, 335FLCR, 323ESA, 349F