325-4471: Lamp Assembly
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    325-4471: Lamp Assembly

    Part Number: 325-4471
    Brand: Cat
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    Shock-resistant 70 mm Round 24-Volt Halogen Wide Flood Lights

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Cat® Shock-Resistant Halogen lights can withstand the vibration and tough environmental conditions of most jobsites, meeting Cat specifications for resistance to water spray and vibration. Shock-resistant halogen lights outperform standard bulbs in both bulb life and brightness. When you need an affordable option that can handle your long work hours and high-vibration applications, count on Cat Shock-Resistant Halogen work lights.
    • Wide flood pattern
    • Vertical mounting
    • 24V
    • Integral DT connector
    • High-vibration applications

    • US
    • Metric
    • Connector Type: Integral DT
    • Height (mm): 91.4
    • Length (mm): 86
    • Lens Pattern: Wide range flood
    • Light Type: Halogen Work Lights
    • Mounting Type: Vertical
    • Style: 70mm Round
    • Voltage (volts): 24
    • Width (mm): 91.4
    330F, 330D2 L 320D2, 320D2 L 329F L 340F L LRE 390F L 352F, 336D2 L XE 320E L 349E, 349E L VG 352F XE VG 336E, 318E L 313F L 336F L 329D2 L 325F 320E LRR 323F 336F, 318F L 326D2, 349E L 349F, 329E, 340F, 336D2 L 312D2, 323F OEM 326F L 316E L 390F 314F CR 349F L 374F L 324E L 326F, 320F L 336E L M325D L MH 314E LCR 323F L 349D2 L 326D2 L 336D2, 336F L XE 349D2, 374F 329E L 330F L 336F LN 320D2 GC 316F L 312E L 336E LH 325F LCR 313D2, 313F 314E CR 323D2 L 336E LNH 324E, 330F LN 318D2 320E LN 340D2 L 320E, 336F LN XE 329D2, 330F OEM 312F, 336D L 323E SA 336E H 312D2 L M325D MH 335F LCR 336D2 GC 336D2 XE 323F SA 312E, 352F-VG 336E LN 324E LN 336F LNXE 323E L 315F LCR 335F 318D2 L 330D2 329E LN 323E LN 349E L HVG 352FMHPU 323F LN 326F LN 336FMHPU 320E RR 336F XE 313D2 LGP 352F OEM 330FMHPU

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    wheel loaders

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