352-1106: Hydraulic Rod Assembly
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    352-1106: Hydraulic Rod Assembly

    Part Number: 352-1106
    Brand: Cat
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    Hydraulic Rod with Eye Bearing

    A hydraulic rod connects a hydraulic cylinder to the machine component doing the work.

    Most Cat® Hydraulic Rods are induction hardened and chromed for superior scratch and dent resistance. Additionally, most Cat® hydraulic rods also feature an inertia welded eye joint for maxmimum durability.

    Recommended Application:
    Cat® Hydraulic Cylinder Rods are designed for specific hydraulic cylinder applications.

    log loaders forestry
    320DFMLLB, 320D2FMLL

    forestry excavators
    538GF, 320DFMGFB, 320DFMHW, 320DFMST, 320D2FMGF

    track excavators
    323DL, 320D, 324D, 320D2, 324DL, 320EL, 323ESA, 323D, 323EL, 320D2L, 320DL, 321DLCR, 320E, 320DLRR, 320DGC, 320DLN, 320D2GC, 323ELN, 352FLRE, 323FL, 320FL, 323D2L, 320DRR, 320ELRR, 325FLCR, 320ELN, 340FLLRE, 323DSA, 323DLN, 340FL, 320ERR, 323FLN, 323FOEM, 340F, 340FLRE, 352F