371-2241: Strobe Light
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    371-2241: Strobe Light

    Part Number: 371-2241
    Brand: Cat
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    12-24-Volt LED Amber Strobe Light

    This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

    Cat® strobe lights help keep the jobsite safe by helping crews know what equipment is in use and where it’s going, even in poor light conditions. Cat® strobe lights also offer extra bright lights that help serve as a warning indicator. These strobe lights are vibration resistant and can withstand nearly any jobsite conditions.
    Bright and durable, Cat strobes attach to a variety of machines, large and small, and can be retrofitted to fit to older machines.
    • Amber Strobe light
    • 9-32V
    • Magnetic base
    • ECE approved
    • Pigtail DT connector
    • High-vibration applications
    • Variety of Cat machines

    • US
    • Metric
    • Connector Type: Pigtail DT
    • Description: LED Strobe - ECE
    • Lens Color: Amber
    • Mounting Type: 3-Bolt
    • Voltage (volts): 9-32
    740B, 740C 730C, 745 730C2 EJ 740, 740 GC 735C, 735B, 725C


    asphalt pavers
    AP655FLRC, AP1055E, AP1055F, AP1000F, AP500FLRC, AP655F, AP555F, AP655FL AP600FLRC, AP555FLRC, AP600F

    PM312, PM622, PM825, PM620, PM310, PM-201, PM313, PM820, PM822

    814K, 8A4K

    MH3059, MH3049

    wheel loaders
    972M, 962L, 950M, 972L, 962M, 950L, 986K

    articulated trucks
    730C2, 730C2EJ, 730DEJ, 740CEJ, 735D, 735C, 730DEJLRC, 725C2, 745C, 735DLRC, 745D

    950M, 982M, 966L, 972M, 980K, 972K, 938K 980L, 966M, 980M, 972M XE 97AM 966K, 930K 962M Z 966K XE 962M, 986K, 924K 962K, 966M XE 926M 930M 962 950K, 980K HLG 938M 950M Z 950 GC

    AP-655D, BG-2455D, AP655F, AP500F, AP555F, BG555E, BG500E, AP-555E BG1055E, AP600F, AP-600D, BG600D, AP-1000F AP-1000E BG1000E, AP-500E, AP-655C, BG655D, AP-1055F BG-260D, AP-1055D, AP-1055E AP-1000D, AP655F L