3K-4897: Spring Pins/Roll Pins
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    3K-4897: Spring Pins/Roll Pins

    Part Number: 3K-4897
    Brand: Cat
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    Contains a chamfered end for easy installation. Made of heat-treated steel

    Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Pin Diameter - A (in): 1/8
    • Pin Length - B (in): 3/4
    • Pin Type: Spring Pins/Roll Pins
    572R, 561C, 561M, 572R II 594, 583R

    wheel tractor-scraper
    621B, 623B, 637D, 631D, 627B, 639D, 621, 633D

    paving compactor
    CB-334D, CB-534C, CB-434C, CB-335D, CB-634C, CB-535B

    engine - generator set
    3412C, 3508, 3512, 3412, 3516

    motor grader
    14E, 120G, 12H NA 16G, 12G, 14G, 140H NA 120H, 12H, 120H ES 140H ES 140G, 16H NA 130G, 120H NA 160H ES 12H ES 163H NA 160H NA 12F, 160H, 143H, 16H, 135H, 140H, 14H, 135H NA 160G, 14H NA 16, 163H, 24H

    forest products

    wheel-type loader
    972H, 962H, 910, 980B, 966C, 980H, G910, 992K, 924G, 928G, 966G, 950H, 914G, 950, 966F, 994D, 924GZ, 990H, 980G, 936F, 966H, 918F, 924F, 966F II 970F, 966G II 980G II 992D, 928F, 950G II 950G, 962G II 988, 988G, 924HZ, 950F II 992B, 938G II 960F, 980F, 962G, 972G, 980F II 924H, 992G, 950F, 938G, 972G II 930G, 992, 938F, 994F, 990 II 994, 928HZ, 990, 988F, 988H, 988F II 930H, 980

    engine - industrial
    3412, 3508, D379 D398 D398B, D353E, D342, D379B, D342C, D353C, G379 D399, 3516, 3512, D348, G398 D353D G379A, D346, G399, D349

    wheel-type skidder
    518, 120C

    articulated dump truck
    D300E II D350C, D30D, D20D, D400E, D250D, D250E II D400E II D400D, D35HP D250E, D400, D350D, D350E, D25D, D35C, D40D, D300D, D30C, D300E, D350E II D25C

    off-highway truck
    769D, 773D, 769C, 772B, 771D, 777D, 775D, 793B, 784C, 785C, 789C, 776C, 768C, 771C, 773B, 775B, 784B, 785B, 776D, 777C, 69D, 789B, 793C

    skid steer loader
    272D, 299D2 XHP 299C, 272D2 XHP 297D XHP 252B, 287D, 272D2, 277B, 262B, 236, 268B, 297D, 299D2, 262D, 287B, 289C2, 262, 297D2, 252, 267B, 248B, 246B, 289D, 236B, 297C, 262C, 262C2, 287C, 252B3, 299D XHP 297D2 XHP 299D, 272D XHP 246, 287, 289C, 287C2, 272C

    85E, 45, 55, 95E, 35, 65E, 75E

    cold planer
    PM-465, PM-565, PM-565B, PM-201


    integrated toolcarrier
    IT14G, IT12, IT38F, IT38G, IT28G, IT18F, IT62G, IT28F, IT24F, IT62H, IT38G II

    track-type tractor
    D6H II 4S D3C, D6H XR 6SU 3P 7U 143 D8T, 9SU D5C, D5B, 163 9S 59 D8N, D6H XL D6R, 9C 53 D4C, D11T, D4E, D6M D5H, 141 D9R, 4A D3B, D5, D6D, 7S D6H, 11U D10T2, 6A 6 8U 59L D5M 6S 8 D4C III D3C II D5C III 3S 4P 5 9U 8A 183B D3, D11R, D3C III 3 153 D4H, 4 D7R, 5S 55, D9T, 9 D7H, 10 D10T, D5C PAT 7 5A PAT D4B, 11SU D10, D8R D10N, D5C PATLGP D10R, 58L D9G, D4C II D11N, 193B D4D, 140, 10S 10SU D4H III D9N, D7R II D9L, 7A 5A D8H, D5E, 10C 10U 59N 7SU 58 57H 11 56H 8SU D4H XL D5H XL

    road reclaimer

    wheel dozer
    814F, 844H, 824, 814, 834B, 824B, 834S 834G, 824G, 824G II 834H, 844, 834U 834, 854K, 854G, 824H, 824C

    track-type loader
    955L, 955K, 931, 955H, 931C II 963B 953B, 973, 953C, 983, 931C, 931B, 973C, 977K, 933, 935C II 943, 935C, 977H, 933C, 963C, 977L, 951B, 977A 939C, 953, 963, 941, 977 951C, 935B, 951, 939, 941B, 983B

    track-type skidder
    125C D5HTSK II 120C, 517 527 D4HTSK III 54H 4P D4HTSK II

    5230B, 225, 215, 5130, 235, 229, 235B, 245

    earthmoving compactor
    815F, 816, 825C, 825B, 815, 825H, 836, 836G, 826B, 825G, 836H, 826G II 826G, 826H, 825G II 816F, 826C