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4I-1278: Cab Air Filter
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    4I-1278: Cab Air Filter

    Part Number: 4I-1278
    Brand: Cat
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    Standard Efficiency Cabin Air Filters are designed to keep out dirt, soot, sand and other contaminants, while also reducing outside odors entering the cab under normal operating conditions.

    Cat® Cabin Air Filters are designed with advanced filtration technology that reduces airborne irritants, creating a cleaner and more comfortable working environment for the operator.

    • US
    • Metric
    • Efficiency Rating: Standard Efficiency
    • Media Type: Standard
    307C, 307B

    345D, 320B L 323D L 345B II 322B L 330D L 365C 324D, 318C, 322C FM 320C, 324D L 329D L 315B L 325D, M325D L MH M325D MH 5110B 385C, 322C, 312B, 374D L 345C L 319C 325D L 385C L 325B L 322B LN 315D L 345B II MH 317 N 325C, 390D L 330D, 330B L 323D S 330D MH 330B LN 320B N 336D L 312B L 319D 345C, 385C FS 345B L 365B L 385B, 312C L 320B, 315C, 312D, 385C L MH 325C FM 330C, 312C, 324D LN 390D, 330C FM 365B, 330D LN 317, 320C L 325B LN 345B, 365C L 336D LN 315, 330C L 318B N 329D LN 317B LN 330C MH 330C LN 345D L 330 L 323D LN 365C L MH 320B S 336D, 312, 318B, 325C L 330, 317B L

    forestry excavators
    322CFMST, 322CFMLGP

    M325C MH M313C, M318D MH M318C MH M316C, M322D MH M325B M322C, M322D, W345B II M313D, M315D, W330B M318C, M315C, M316D, M318D, M330D


    wheel excavators
    W345BIIMH, M325BMH

    track excavators
    318B, 330C, 320B, 385C, 330, 322, 320BL, 325BL, 330L, 312BL, 325CL, 365CLOEM, 320CS, 323DL, 322BLN, 325DL, 322CLN, 315DL, 330BL, 365CL, 345CLVG, 320CL, 324DL, 330DL, 345BL, 320L, 325, 325L, 320BLU