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    5P-8077: FLANGE-HALF

    Part Number: 5P-8077
    Brand: Cat
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    Cat® Sintered Metal Flange

    A Flange is a ring or collar, usually provided with holes for bolts that is used to connect two objects.

    Cat® Sintered Metal Flanges are engineered to provide optimal strength and reliability.

    Recommended Application:
    Cat Sintered Metal Flanges are used in specific applications.

    Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
    • US
    • Metric
    • Height (in): 1.2
    • Height (mm): 30.48
    • Length (in): 4.4
    • Length (mm): 111.76
    • Width (mm): 101.6
    wheel tractor-scraper
    657G, 637D, 657E, 623E, 631D, 651E, 623G, 623F

    578, 583R, 589

    underground articulated truck
    AE40 AD45, AD40

    forest products
    548 227 SAT325T, 2864C, 586C

    work tool
    S2050, VHS-10 S2070, MP30, MP15, S2090, S365, S3050, S340, S325, S465, MP40, MP20, MP365 S320B, VHS-30/3 MR-244, S3090, VHS-60/4 VT60 VHS-70/4 VT30 VT40 P315 VHS-40 P335 VHS-30 BR624, S385C, S385B, S365B, VT50 S365C, HM825, S490, P325 MD-250 S30350 S440, S340B, MP332 VHS-60 S3070, VHS-70/3 VHS-70 VHS-60/3 S325B, S390, MP345 MP324, VHS-50 S320, P360 S305, MP318, VHS-40/3 VHS-50/3

    wheel-type loader
    966F, 966D, 970F, 994K, 980G, 972G II 992K, 966E, 990K, 980F, 980H, 988 XE 988F II 994, 972G, 980F II 966F II 966G, 966G II 988G, 988H, 988F, 992C, 990, 990 II 980C, 992G, 988K, 993K, 994F, 988K XE 980G II 992D, 994D, 994H, 990H

    engine - industrial

    expanded mining products
    6020B, 6015B

    articulated dump truck
    D400E II D350E II

    off-highway truck
    793F XQ 795F AC 797F, 793F AC 793F OEM 793F, 793D, 793F CMD 795F XQ 797B, 797, 794 AC

    material handler
    MH3026, MH3024, MH3022, MH3295

    track-type tractor
    D11R, 10 D10N, 10U D11T, 10SU 58L D11N, D10, 9S 59 11 D10R, D9L, 59N 9 59L 9U 10C D10T, 10S 9C 11U 11SU

    wheeled excavator
    M320, M322D2, M322C, M324D2 MH M322D, M322D MH M322F, M320F

    wheel dozer
    854K, 844K, 834G, 854G, 834H, 844, 844H

    track-type loader
    973, 973C

    MD6250, MD6310

    225, 365B, 365B II 336E LH 336D2 L 365B L 349E L VG 225B, 336D LN 336D2 GC 345C L 375-A 336F, 385C, 349D L 349D2, 225D, 568 FM 345B L 330D L 330D, 325D L 374F L 336F L XE 235, 231D, 336D L 390D L 345B II 365C 345D L 350-A L 245, 345B, 336E L 235D, 245B, 336E H 365C L MH 325C, 345C, 390D, 349E, 340F L UHD 385B, 352F, 340F, 336 GC 336 245D, 330C L 349E L 385C L 345 GC 352F-VG 229D, 336D2, 330D LN 390F L 336E, 350-A 374D L 340D L 336F LNXE 235C, 330C, 5080, 340D2 L 336F LN 5230, 385C FS 330C LN 336E LNH 336F L 312D2, 5130B, 349F L 374F 390F 349D, 336E LN 235B, 336F LN XE 385C L MH 336D2 XE 350 L 5090B, 345D L VG 5110B 568 FM LL 349D2 L 312D2 L

    earthmoving compactor
    836G, 836H