5S-1522: Internal Snap Ring
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    5S-1522: Internal Snap Ring

    Part Number: 5S-1522
    Brand: Cat
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    Inch, Tempered Basic

    Cat snap rings are made of tempered carbon steel

    • US
    • Metric
    • Shape: Tempered Basic
    • Snap Ring Type: Internal
    log loaders forestry

    cold planers
    PM-465, PR-450C, PM-201, PR-1000, PM-565B

    7 to 9 liter

    wheel tractor scrapers
    631G, 627G, 627E, 657EPP, 623F, 621G, 651E, 657G, 621F, 623G, 637G, 657E, 633E, 627EPP, 631EII, 627F, 621B, 637D, 621S, 637DPP, 623E, 631D, 637E, 639D, 633D

    CX35, CX31, CX31 DB

    track loaders
    963, 973, 963LGP

    motor graders

    836H, 836G, 836

    track type tractors
    D10R, D10N, D9H, D9N

    track excavators
    330L, 330, 322LN, 215B, 235B, 320S, 325, 235C, 215CLC, 219, 322N, 322L, 325L, 225B, 235, 330LN, 225DLC, 215, 231D, 235D, 227FB, 215BSA, 215BLC, 229

    articulated trucks
    730C, 730CEJ, 730C2EJ, 730C2

    underground articulated trucks
    AD30, AD45B, AD55, AD22

    578, 589, 583R

    vibratory single drum smooth
    CS-563CAW, CS-533C, CS-563AW, CS-531C, CS-531, CS-533

    underground mining loaders
    R1700G, R2900G, R3000H

    vibratory single drum pad
    CP-533C, CP-563C, CP-563, CP-533

    vibratory double drum asphalt

    off highway trucks
    797, 785DOEM, 769D, 773DLRC, 777GLRC, 773E, 784B, 789C, 775D, 777G, 777F, 785C, 777GOEM, 793B, 771D, 784C, 797F, 777GOEMLRC, 797B, 773ELRC, 785D, 773D, 777FOEM, 775E, 785B, 789B, 773E2LRC, 785G, 785, 793

    wheel loaders
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    wheel dozers
    834H, 834G, 834B